Access Control Services

Access Control Services

Access Control

KAB Computer Services can custom design and install state-of-the-art access control systems to meet your security and access needs. Access control systems manage the entry and exit of people through a secure area. It is able to determine authorized from non-authorized requests for entry via many different types of authentication. Upon detection of a person requesting access, the system matches a set of programmed permissions to either grant or deny access to the individual. Additionally, a log file is created for monitoring purposes, storing the name, time and location of each event.

KAB Computer Services will help you design and install a comprehensive access control system for your business, facility, or home. Some services include:

  • Access Control Remote Management via Internet
  • Remote Doorman Service
  • Remote Building Access
  • Restricted Parking Lot Access
  • Keypads and Card Readers
  • Photo ID Badges
  • Fingerprint and Biometric Readers

Secret Passage and Hideaways

Everyone has a secret hiding place, some are just more elaborate than others. Maybe you have precious valuables, want a panic room for your family or simply need a secret lair to take over the world from! Whatever your need, KAB Computer Services can secure your room. We work with you to build secret rooms and doors to ensure your private space is secured.