Specialty Services

Specialty Services

Bug & Tap Detection

KAB is a leader in the field of Electronic Eavesdropping Detection. We perform Bug Sweeps, Wiretap Detection, Surveillance Technology, Communications Security (COMSEC), Counter-Intelligence, and Technical Security. We provide expert technical, analytical and research capability for the detection, nullification, and isolation of eavesdropping devices, technical surveillance penetrations, technical surveillance hazards, and physical security weaknesses.

***Remember: DO NOT try to initiate contact using any suspect telephone or room, and always call from a safe off-site location.


Custom Installations

electric.pngAt KAB, we do things the way we would want it done for ourselves, in other words, we take the time to do it right. There is no substitution for time and quality. We do it the old fashioned way, and that involves using the best materials, and taking the time to prewire, trim, and finish. Why would you want KAB to be your electronic systems contractor? Because we are experienced, knowledgeable, prompt, courteous, clean, fair, and professional. We will work with you, or your contractors to provide the custom installed home electronic systems in your home.

All of the electronic systems that are designed and installed by KAB have been specially designed for the client, the home, and the circumstances that will allow the user easy access and operation. Since every situation is different, no two systems are alike. We take the time and effort to design and install the systems so that they do what the homeowners want them to do.