Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains answers to commonly-asked questions. Choose a category below. If you cannot find the answer to your questions, then please feel free to contact our offices with additional questions you may have.

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  • Who is KAB Computer Services, LLC?

    Since 2002, KAB Computer Services, LLC has been a full service technology company, which offers an extensive range of services. It is solely owned by Kenneth A. Bruno. For more information, please read About Us.

  • Do we have a retail location?

    No. We currently have private corporate offices and warehousing spaces. All meetings and consultations are by appointment only.

  • Can we be hired as subcontractors?

    Yes. Occasionally, we get requests from other technology firms who need our assistance on certain jobs. We are often asked to represent ourselves as the firm who hires us for branding purposes, and agree not to solicit business. Terms and conditions do apply, specifically with insurance and billing.

  • What is a work visa?

    All foreigners who wish to work in the United States must first obtain a work visa. A work visa is a temporary permit to live and work in the United States.

  • Does KAB Computers support work visas?

    No. KAB Computers does not support work visas.


  • Do our clients have to sign any agreements?

    Yes. We typically require all our clients to sign a Professional Services Agreement, Proposal/Estimate, and/or Schedule of Rates.

  • How do we invoice our clients?

    Typically, we invoice on the first of the month for all the previous month's work. All service items are rounded up, and billed in fifteen (15) minute increments. Please note, billing intervals can change due to the nature of the job, or at the request of the client.  We may also require a deposit for any work to begin.

  • Do we collect state sales tax?

    Yes. We are authorized to collect sales tax in New York and New Jersey. Sales tax exemptions are given to non-profit organizations, government entities, exempt contractors, and qualified organizations in redevelopment zones upon completing and submitting the appropriate exemption forms.

  • What are our payment terms?

    Typically, we offer businesses thirty (30) day terms from the invoice date. Interest will be compounded monthly at a rate of 1.5% interest (18% per year) on all unpaid balances. All unpaid balances will then be sent to our collection agency no less than 60 days past due. Government agencies are typically offered sixty (60) day terms, and no interest rate on unpaid balances.

  • What payment methods do we accept?

    Our preferred method of payment is by check, electric funds transfer (EFT), and credit card. However, we will accept cash and money orders (and a receipt will be issued).