Our Facilities

 Our Office

Our new corporate headquarters is a state-of-the-art facility which houses our new data center, repair shop, and executive offices. It encompasses cutting-edge technologies which will propel us ahead of all the competition, such as a 300Mb/s Internet backbone, 50Mb/s 2nd ISP backup, LTE triple failover, dedicated cooling, filtration, and monitoring, encrypted networks, Cisco VOIP phones, 3D LED TV's, UPS battery backup protection on all equipment, natural gas standby generator, backup portable generators, and much more.

The ultra-secure facility is one of the safest places you can imagine, employing both physical and cyber security. You can rest assured your data and personal information is safe with us.


Our Warehouse


Our warehousing facility allows us to provide our customers with a broader product selection, competitive pricing, and speedier deliveries. Our warehouse is temperature controlled to ensure our products and equipment are not exposed to a harsh environment, and the majority of the space is dedicated to warehouse operations and associated functions.

Only certain employees have access to this facility. No product is allowed to leave the warehouse without an authorization attached to a work order. This is to ensure our inventory stays accurate, and the products and equipment do not get mishandled.