Co-Authored Book, eForensics and Signal Intelligence for Everyone

Date: December 18, 2006

By: Hudson Horizons


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About the Book:

This book discusses the process of investigating and analyzing electronic equipment, detecting devices, wireless signals, and the prosecution and prevention of high tech crime. The coauthors are from private industry and academia and really provide a wide variety of perspectives on the detection of electronic eavesdropping devices, wiretaps, various electronic signals, and the collection and examination of information from laptops, desktop computers, and PDAs. Kenneth Bruno does an excellent job teaching the reader about all the equipment used in electronic eavesdropping detection. We also introduce the reader to various pieces of electronic equipment used to detect and identify explosives, biochemical weapons, as well as historic unexploded ordinance. The reader is also introduced to the legal system by Mr. Joel Liebesfeld who does corporate investigations and is often employed by clients who are in the legal profession or insurance industry. Mr. Joel Liebesfeld and Dr. Doherty discuss the process of becoming an expert witness who may testify to what was found using scientific methods in combination with electronic signal detection or computer forensic equipment. We hope that the readership of the book will include high school students considering a career in private industry, law enforcement, intelligence agencies, or the military. A background in electronics, math, and computer science is helpful but not necessary in reading this book. Lockard’s Principle of Exchange specifies that two objects or people that come in contact with each other will change. We hope that this book changes you by increasing your understanding of electronic devices, investigation, and the justice system.

About the Authors:

Dr. Eamon P. Doherty has created a variety of Robotic Arm Interfaces and telephone dialers that were featured in a variety of academic and popular media including a half page of the New York Times on April 24, 2003 on page G5. Kenneth Bruno, BS, MS, is president of KAB Computer Services, LLC, a full service technology company. He is a nationally recognized leader in technology, specifically in the areas of computer science, electronic eavesdropping & detection, and audio/video. Clientele include government agencies, private and public schools, as well as private industry. Gary Stephenson is a health informatics consultant who has worked on a variety Connecting for Health projects for the NHS in England. He has also volunteered his time and efforts on technology to help the disabled throughout the world. Joel Liebesfeld, AAS, BS, MA, has for the past six years used his diverse 30+ years of electrical industry experience for the investigation of engineering loss, particularly focusing on loss related to fire, arson, product defect and/or electrical anomalies, resulting in property damage, personal injury or death. These losses mainly stemmed from electrical accidents, defects, deficiencies or were related to arson.