Cabling and Wireless Services

Cabling and Wireless Services

Cabling Services

KAB Computer Services is a premier installer of voice, data, and fiber optic cabling used to support today's advanced voice and data networks.

We specialize in Cat 5e, Cat 6, audio, video, structured cable, Fiber, and voice installations. Our services include cable plant design and installation, data center cabling and design, home theater design and installation, and Co-location cabling and equipment deployment.

Not only do we specialize in running cable, but we are experts in managing cable. For example, we will route all the cables in your racks through a cable management system, then origami-tie the cables from the back of the equipment. This not only looks great, but promotes greater air-flow in your racks to reduce the risk overheating equipment.

Nowadays, there is a big demand for wireless access. We design and install wireless access systems from small offices to large multi-building campuses.

Give us a call today for more information about our company or to arrange for a site survey for your telecommunications project.

Typical Cabling & Wireless Services:

  • Purchasing of All Technology & Equipment
  • Implementation and Configuration of all Equipment
  • Implementation of Networking Equipment
  • Implementation of MDF's & IDF's (Fiber wiring closets)
  • Create Wireless Hot Spots, or Wireless MAN's which delivers wireless access throughout the entire building and property
  • Mapping & Diagramming of Wiring and Wireless Access
  • Documentation of Entire System
  • Maintenance of System

Wireless Services